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Capital Plan Budget
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Capital Plan Budget

Capital Plan Budget

Each spring, a revised set of facility improvements, also called capital improvements, are approved by the Board of Education. The following district priorities inform current and planned capital improvements:

  •     Culinary and wellness services (salad bars in all sites; finishing kitchens - hot food; adequate cafeteria space)

  •     Modernize safety and security systems (PA systems; cameras; door access control; physical layouts)

  •     Dehumidification (air quality, cooling)

  •     Capital renewal (maintaining building asset)

These documents outline MPS’ budget for its annual capital plan:  


  1. New Builds: When a brand new school is built rather than remodeling a current school.

  2. Major Renovation: A renovation that affects most or all of a building that includes multiple systems and can include significant new construction on an existing building.

  3. Minor Renovation: A renovation that affects a portion of a building.

  4. Remodel: Remodel of a portion of a building.

  5. Security: Security system upgrades that include cameras, access control, burglar alarms, or other systems that enhance security such as  lighting, fire alarms, and PA systems.

  6. Civil and Landscaping: Stormwater catchment ponds (also known as rain gardens).

  7. Systems: Any building system such as lighting, low voltage electric, data, HVAC, instructional technology, etc.

  8. Building (equipment): Air handling units, rooftop units, boilers, transformers, generators, switchgear, cell tower equipment.

  9. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: Part of nearly all projects; can include furniture in any room, finishings, or specific equipment such as in a science or art classroom.