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Capital Plan Budget
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Capital Plan Budget

Capital Plan Budget

By March of each year, Capital Planning, Construction & Maintenance finalizes the capital plan for the following year. We are required by Policy to show the Board a three year look ahead plan to chart the path for capital investment into the schools. The Board of Education approves the following year’s capital plan during the May and June budget hearings. Bonds are sold in the fall and the funds become available for use the following January.

The current capital plan is provided below. The capital plan focused on the improvements needed for schools to support the Comprehensive District Design (CDD). Investments were prioritized to magnet schools that needed additional investments for state of the are programming. Magnet schools includes Hall, Bethune, Andersen, Justice Page Franklin, North, Sullivan/Anishinabe, Roosevelt and Edison.

Each year, Plant Maintenance also submits recommendations for funding capital renewal projects. These projects renew existing assets in school buildings like flooring, windows, ventilation systems, fire protection systems, electrical systems, doors and locks, faucets and water bottle filling stations and parking lots. Capital renewal projects depend on the age of the asset, current condition and expense of the asset. Some projects are done with MPS trades staff. Larger projects are usually bid for a general contractor to complete.

These documents outline MPS’ budget for the capital plan:  


  1. New Builds: When a brand new school is built rather than remodeling a current school.

  2. Major Renovation: A renovation that affects most or all of a building that includes multiple systems and can include significant new construction on an existing building.

  3. Minor Renovation: A renovation that affects a portion of a building.

  4. Remodel: Remodel of a portion of a building.

  5. Security: Security system upgrades that include cameras, access control, burglar alarms, or other systems that enhance security such as  lighting, fire alarms, and PA systems.

  6. Civil and Landscaping: Stormwater catchment ponds (also known as rain gardens).

  7. Systems: Any building system such as lighting, low voltage electric, data, HVAC, instructional technology, etc.

  8. Building (equipment): Air handling units, rooftop units, boilers, transformers, generators, switchgear, cell tower equipment.

  9. Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: Part of nearly all projects; can include furniture in any room, finishings, or specific equipment such as in a science or art classroom.