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Community Advisory Group
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Capital Plan Community Advisory Group

Capital Plan Community Advisory Group

Minneapolis Public Schools has convened a diverse group of individuals to advise operations staff on the upcoming MPS capital projects. The work of this group will focus on the development of the FY19 Capital Plan recommendations. This group will serve as a foundation to the development of a standing Community Advisory Committee that will review and advise for operational areas, which include Capital Planning, Transportation, Facilities, Nutrition and Health & Safety, to help ensure each school is safe and welcoming for all students, families and staff.

Members of this advisory group will have the opportunity to:

  • Represent various stakeholder perspectives on capital improvement priorities within the district
  • Give feedback on the district’s efforts to create a safe and welcoming environment for all students
  • Provide guidance and input on current and future school design models
  • Evaluate staff proposal for $20M planned FY 19 capital improvement recommendations to the MPS Board of Education
  • Connect with other MPS parents, students, school and district staff

Below are some frequently asked questions pertaining to Capital Planning. If you have additional questions, email us and we'll get them answered and posted here.



Some schools have solar panels- how are these projects funded? Does MPS pay for these projects?

Typically, solar panel projects are funded through grant monies or third party partnerships.

There have been quite a few kitchen remodel projects- why doesn’t Culinary Wellness Services (Nutrition) pay for their own kitchen remodels since that department makes a profit?

Fixed kitchen assets are not covered by Federal dollars and need to be paid for by Capital Improvement dollars

Are schools with low enrollment considered for capital improvements?

In the FY 18 and FY 19 plans, we did not invest in expanding enrollment. The 2020-2024 5-year capital plan will be informed by the Comprehensive district assessment currently underway. Current enrollment less of an indicator for capital renewal projects. The district will carefully consider whether to recommend capital improvement projects where enrollment is well below the building’s capacity, pending the outcome of the district comprehensive assessment.

What is the bonding process and timeline? Does the District have to bond for construction projects?

The Board of Education votes to bond for a dollar amount in June but money does not arrive until following January. Construction projects should not be started until money has arrived. MPS does not have to bond for any money or have any capital improvement projects.

Will any money be spent on renewal of unused buildings?

No money will be spent on unused buildings in the FY 19 capital improvement plan

What is the number of unused buildings?

There are 5 buildings that are either vacant or leased.

Why are certain projects recommended?

Based on FY 18 investment priorities. Energy Management is a project Planning has been hoping to fund for several years, to control some utility costs.

Kitchen improvements- driven by Nutrition services

Safety & security systems