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MPS Educational Index
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MPS Educational Index

MPS Educational Index

Minneapolis Public Schools seeks to assess the capacity of its school buildings to support the instructional programs they enclose, identify opportunities for improvement and develop a master facilities plan and capital budget to guide strategic facilities investment over the next five to twenty years.

Minneapolis Public Schools is a large and dynamic enterprise. People and programs are quite dynamic; instructional programming, pedagogic theory and community expectations continuously evolve and change over time. These changes place different demands on district facilities assets, as witnessed by the marked differences in school buildings built at different times.

In addition, enrollment varies constantly. However, several years of incremental enrollment declines and related staff reductions have not been matched by a commensurate down-sizing of facilities, resulting in unused, vacant school buildings. Much effort has been diverted to the sale and leasing of unused buildings while others remain vacant.

While MPS facilities are well maintained and remain serviceable, years of program evolution in an aging building inventory intensifies the future risk of acute building obsolescence that could negatively impact instructional programming and student achievement. Therefore, the District seeks to comprehensively and strategically evaluate remaining facilities and envision the facilities that will be required by the District to provide pre-kindergarten through high school educational programming for the next five to twenty years.

Accordingly, the District invites proposals for the development of the Facilities Educational Index and Capital Budget.

Questions regarding the headquarters specifications should be directed to the District Project Leader, David.Richards@mpls.k12.mn.us.

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